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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Be More Kindergartner

I'm fortunate in the fact that I get to work with Kindergartners. 

Six years ago when I started in my current position, the thought of going into one of our five Kindergarten classrooms flat out intimidated me.  

Today, I look forward to going into any of those five Kindergarten classrooms in our district.  I can be having the worst day ever and I will walk out of one of those classrooms thirty minutes later smiling from ear to ear. 

As I reflect upon the many learning adventures with my little friends over the last six years, I've come to one realization...

We need to be more Kindergartner. 


Because in Kindergarten, we hug more.

In Kindergarten we forgive easily.

In Kindergarten everyone is a friend.

In Kindergarten we are curious.  All the time. 

In Kindergarten we are eager and full of enthusiasm.

In Kindergarten it's okay to pick your nose.  Okay, that's not true...I just wanted to see if you were still reading. Well, maybe it is true...just a little. 

In Kindergarten we are allowed and encouraged to be creative...and not judged when we are.

In Kindergarten we jump up and down when we get excited. 

In Kindergarten we soak up learning like a sponge. 

In Kindergarten we get to play to learn.  

Love is everywhere in a Kindergarten classroom

Kindergartners are non-judgemental. Somewhere along the line, we start doing this the older we get.

We laugh a lot, and sometimes we even cry in Kindergarten. 

My Kindergarten friends have taught me so much over the last six years.  

Thank you to Mrs. Huenefeld, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Groetzinger and Mrs. Anderson for letting me venture into your learning emporiums.  You truly make a difference in every student that steps foot into your classrooms.  

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