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Monday, December 11, 2017

My Must Have MacGyver Apps

Who didn't like watching MacGyver?  It was an action-adventure TV series full of drama. If you are unfamiliar with MacGyver let me give you a brief synopsis.  MacGyver, the main character, always got himself into a bind.  He always managed to get himself out of these problems by using ordinary objects to manipulate a way out. He was a jack of all trades.  

I wasn't a die-hard fan but would watch an episode if I ran across it while channel surfing.  

I got to thinking the other day about some of the apps that our students are still using to create with on the iPad.  Even after five years of being one to one, they love creating with a handful of certain apps. 

They are the "go to" apps students gravitate towards when wanting to create something for class.  You know what I'm talking about.  These apps never get stale with students.  

Now, for some teachers they do.  I've seen signs banning these apps in classrooms because teachers want their students to use something different. 

I get that. 

BUT, it says something about these apps that have stood the test of time.   I call these apps "MacGyver" apps because you can do about anything with them, just like the TV character could do with ordinary objects. 

MacGyver apps have some identifiable characteristics...

Easy to use

Free (not always)


Never grows old

Only limited by user imagination

I'm sure you are thinking of some of those apps right now that you currently integrate into your classroom.  

Below is a list of my must have "MacGyver" apps.  If you aren't already using them, click on the app below to download them and explore.  There are so many ways to use these apps in your classroom! 


Spark Video

Book Creator

Pic Collage



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