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Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Change Will Do You Good

You may have noticed, but I'm guessing you haven't.  I haven't blogged very much lately. 


My focus for this blog has changed. When I first created this blog seven years ago it was going to be all about EdTech tools and how I was using that educational technology tools in the classroom.

I'm burned out on trying to drink from the firehose of tech tools that are continually being introduced.  I played the game. I would sign up for each new tool I ran across on Twitter. I'd share it with my teachers, encouraging them to integrate it into their curriculums.  One after the other.  It was an endless cycle. 

My role as an integration specialist has progressed over the last seven years,  I've realized that it's not all about the tool.  Don't get me wrong, it's so fun to play with all those shiny new tech tools! There's an app, extension or website for everything.  I've learned one important lesson from my experience.  It's ALL about finding and supporting the needs of each individual teacher in my school district.   Yes, it was fun playing with all the tools, but I've learned that I was EdTech tool drunk.  

I've learned that some teachers like the new tech tools, some need an ear to bounce an idea off of,  others need a person to vent to. Most want someone to catch them if they fall or fail using technology. 

I've struggled the last two years with blogging because I didn't want to just slam a post out about a tech tool that I wasn't vested in.  I found myself become more interested in pedagogy in the classroom.  

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  I had a few teacher requests to do some beginning of the year planning.  Brandon Timm was one of those teachers.  He invited me to take some time to meet with him before school got started.  He wanted to talk shop and had some ideas he wanted to bounce off of me.  I am so glad that I accepted.

We got to chatting about teaching and learning like we usually do, but he challenged me.  He not only challenged me, but he gave me honest, blunt feedback.  Especially about this blog. He noted that I had so much more to share than ideas about educational technology.  He encouraged me to blog more about my coaching and parenting experiences that are so well documented on my Instagram account.  

And THAT conversation was the reason I am changing the title of this blog from "Comfortably 2.0" to "A Teacher, Coach & Dad."
It's the real me, people.

It's what I am passionate about. It's what makes me tick.

 I felt like I need a place to share my experiences in all three areas.  I kicked around the idea of starting a blog about golf, but Brandon encouraged me to share about all three here.  So....if you have subscribed to this blog wanting only tech updates, this blog is going to be changing.  You are now subscribed to the real me.  A Teacher, Coach & Dad. 

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  1. Awesome, Rock Star! Passion is what writing is all about! Thank you for the great post, and if you want to talk writing, come and find me!



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