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Monday, January 25, 2016

AgingBooth App and the 100th Day of School

It's hard to believe the 100th day of school is here!  Where has the time gone?  Here's a simple little project we did today in 1st-grade. Here's what our workflow looked like: 

  1. I downloaded the AgingBooth app on my iPad and created an image for each student, being sure to save each one to my camera roll.  While I had each student come to me individually, other students were busily working on the writing piece on a piece of paper that their teacher had given them.   The writing prompt was, "When I am 100..." 
  2. When I had created an image for all of the students, I created a new folder in Google Drive. I then uploaded each of the images into the folder.
  3. I shared the folder with the classroom teacher.
  4. We printed the pictures from Google Drive and had the students cut out their pictures so they would better fit on their piece of paper. 
  5. Students pasted their pictures on their writing sheets.
 The students really enjoyed this activity! It was fun listening to all of the laughter in the classroom.

It was such a fun and easy way to incorporate technology into a writing activity.  I did most of the technology in this activity, but one could easily have students use the app, then post it in Kidblog or Seesaw.  

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