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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Old Flames

Sorry...I had to come up with a catchy title.  No, I'm not going to be talking about my old flames from junior high school.  I'd rather fill you in on some Web 2.0 tools that I fell in love when I started integrating technology into my 1:1 Social Studies classroom back in 2007.

They are oldies, but goodies. 

Tried but true.

For some reason or another, I fell out of touch with these gems.  Well, it's time to rekindle the flames. Here are three awesome tools that you can start using with your students tomorrow.  

With Voki, you can create fun and unique characters that speak in many languages! You are able to customize their appearance and what they say!  I love the fact that you can "publish" your Voki in a variety of ways.  You can email your completed product, embed it into KidBlog or have your students embed it into a web page. Head on over to Voki's website to check out how you could use this tool in your classroom!

Wordle claims to be a "toy" for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide.  I loved using Wordle in my Social Studies classroom.  From analyzing text and historical speeches to creating summaries of civilizations.  A very powerful tool for any classroom!

So many possibilities with Big Huge Labs!  Create your own motivational posters, magazine covers, movie posters, etc.  The creation opportunities with this tool are endless!  Check out BHL and get your students to creating with those photos that they love to take! 

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