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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Favorite Resources for Teaching #Digcit in the Primary Grades

Every Monday morning I get to meet with all 86 Kindergarteners at Aurora Elementary. Yes, all 86 at one time!  I know it sounds crazy, but I really look forward to it because Kindergarteners are awesome bucket fillers!  It doesn't matter how my day has started, when I walk out of that room, I am smiling ear to ear.

When we meet, we spend our time talking a lot about the Internet.  What it is. How it works. Things that we do on the Internet, like gaming, email, sharing our personal information, advertising, etc. The list goes on and on.

Most importantly, we talk about how we should behave online the same way that we do in the real world. Yes, you can call it digital citizenship if you'd like.

Some of my tweeples have asked me what I use for resources when it comes to planning for my weekly meeting with my little friends.   Below,  are some of my favorites that I use when putting together ideas for my lessons.  Hope you can find an idea or two that you like.  Both of these websites have awesome information!

Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship & Citizenship Classroom Curriculum.  I've put a lot of lessons together based on some of the great information/ideas that I find here.  This was one of the first websites that I started using in my position as K-12 Integration Specialist here at Aurora Public Schools.  The curriculum they have created is straightforward, very thorough and easy to adapt for any classroom.

NetSmartzKids.  Quickly becoming one of my "must bookmark" websites for every elementary teacher.  I absolutely love what they have put together here!  Watch a couple of the educational videos starring Clicky, Nettie and Webster and you will see why.  There are a plethora of resources available and they're very engaging.   I find myself checking the parent website Netsmartz more frequently as there are some great resources for older students as well.

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