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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gamified Homework?

I remember back in 8th grade when a local radio station had a call in show on Thursday nights. It was specifically geared towards listeners helping listeners with their homework. If you were struggling with homework, you could call in and ask your question. The station would play back your question on the air, and then you would wait for an answer from somebody that might call in.  It was called the "Homework Helpline" and I was sure to tune in each Thursday night at 8 p.m.  I wasn't offering any answers to homework questions, I was doing the asking!  It was intriguing.  It was different.  It was social.  It made homework fun.

Recently I ran across a website called Brainly.   It reminds me of what I was doing in junior high, just amplified from a radio station to the world wide web.  What is Brainly?  Essentially, it's a social network for homework help with a gaming feel.  Very interesting.

In chatting with Marcin Gnat, Blogs and Media Specialist for the website and app, 80% of all answers are given in less than 10 minutes.  Yes, I could probably use Google to find the answer to some of my homework questions, but that wouldn't be much fun would it?  While asking my questions on Brainly I might actually find a couple questions from other people that I could answer and earn points (gamification aspect).

Brainly is quickly growing with over 40 million users worldwide!  400 of those users are moderators making sure that the quality of answers are only the best.

How can you use Brainly? 

  • Students can use if for homework help.
  • Teacher could use in a manner similar to Edmodo, but evaluate questions that students post to Brainly to better understand their struggles with certain topics.
  • A place to share your expertise and knowledge!

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