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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Talking Turkeys and Pilgrims!

It's a simple app smash that can be completed with a group of students in about 30 minutes. Originally, I was going to have each student create a ChatterPix using something they created in their class that pertained to Thanksgiving (turkey, pilgrim, etc.), then upload each completed ChatterPix product to my YouTube page.  I was planning on creating a QR code that linked back to each ChatterPix the students created, then have students glue their QR code to their original piece of artwork.  The students would love taking this home and showing Mom and Dad how to scan the QR code!

Well, I had to go with Plan B because I was having trouble saving some of the ChatterPix to the camera roll on the student iPads.  I had a room full of Kindergarteners with no time to think!  They were getting anxious!

I had the students use my iPad to take pictures of their artwork.  When done gathering all our images, I sat down and smashed them all together into an iMovie.  I like to use the IntroMate app with iMovie, but it's not really essential.  Leave it out if you don't want to spend the $2.99 for the app. I completed our simple iMovie and uploaded it to YouTube.  I then used my handy, dandy goog.gl URL shortener Chrome extension to create a QR code of our iMove and sent it off to the teacher so that they could make copies for their students to take home along with the URL to our new "movie."

It's simple, it's easy to complete and students love watching all of their creations come to life.  Here are a couple of our movies.  Enjoy!

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