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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Popplet Lite in the Classroom

It's free.  It's basic.  It's easy to use. The integration ideas are endless. It's Popplet Lite.  You can download it in the App Store for your iPad or you can use the web based version

I know, it's been around awhile, but Popplet Lite is like a long lost friend to me.  Sometimes we get caught up in apps that have all of the bells and whistles and that that can become a distraction in your classroom.  Sometimes it's just nice to go back to a basic app that you can use in a variety of ways!  

Popplet Lite is such a versatile app to use in any classroom regardless of grade level.  How could you use this app in your classroom?  Below are a few ways I can see teachers using Popplet Lite in the classroom.  Wait! Don't know how to use Popplet Lite?  No worries, here is an App Task Challenge I created to help you get started!

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