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Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy App Smash for the Primary Grades

It's a simple app smash that we complete in Kindergarten.  It might look like there are several steps, but it's really quite easy for students. Our teachers are extremely busy so I take care of uploading all of our smashes once in 30Hands to YouTube.  I then take each URL from YouTube, place them in QR Explore, download them and toss them into a Google Folder that I share with each teacher.

Completing this app smash at the start of the school year gives me the chance to teach the basics of some apps that students will frequently use throughout the rest of the school year.

Here is the recipe:

We use this particular app smash recipe to demonstrate some of the things our Kindergartners learned about apples.  Students create a Pic Collage of the different kinds of apples and then label it. Students learn how to insert images and and labels in Pic Collage during this step.  I have student then create another Pic Collage with the ingredients they need to make applesauce.  The students actually make applesauce, so this is really easy for them. They just need some help spelling the ingredients (water, cinnamon, sugar, apples) for their labels.  We add an image of each ingredient as well.  

Next, I have students use Doodlebuddy.  Students have to draw an apple and two foods that we can make using apples (apple cider, apple pie, etc.).  This is one of my favorite apps to teach because students love to draw!  Once the students are done with their Doodlebuddy, we save it to the photo library like we did when done with our products in Pic Collage. 

We are finally to 30Hands!  I have the students place the products they created in Pic Collage and Doodlebuddy into the 30Hands app.  I show them how to add their voice with each image and we now have a short summary of all that we learned about apples!  I can't wait to hand our students a QR code to their finished product!  They love it!

It's a pretty basic app smash, and I think that you could use it in a variety of ways in your classroom. I would love to see some examples of how you used this recipe!

Happy App Smashing!

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