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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hone Your Craft!

School is out.  All of your students are gone.  Your schedule is packed until the last week of July running your kids to and from activities, taking classes and squeezing in a family vacation.

I really hope you added some summer learning opportunities for yourself.  No, I am not talking about that grad class you are taking.  I'm talking about an opportunity to make yourself better as a teacher. Taking the time to evaluate what you taught this year and how you taught it.  Is there something that you could do differently?  You bet there is! NOW is the time to do it!  Don't teach that same lesson. It would be really easy to do, but you will become bored with it. Imagine what your students think!

Take some time to find an app that will supplement that lesson.  Find some time to start blogging or to create a website for your class.   Take time to become a connected educator (a decision you won't regret). Have that coffee with the colleague that you wanted to start a collaborative activity with but never had the time during the school year to plan.  

Have you taken time to hone your craft?

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