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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trusting a Student With the District Twitter Account

What if you gave a student in your school access to the district Twitter account?  Scary thought isn't it? Or is it?  I got the idea from Lincoln Public Schools here in Nebraska.  I was perusing my Twitter stream and this tweet caught my attention:

I was immediately intrigued. What a brilliant idea!  Too often I hear about how social media should be banned in schools.  Some people say that it has no place in the learning environment.  I disagree.  I think it can be a powerful tool in every classroom if used in the right ways. 

I think we ought to do a better job of TEACHING students how to effectively use social media.  After all, aren't we in the business of educating students? 

Although we spend a considerable amount of time in our district discussing and modeling how to effectively use social media, I struggle to get students to see the value of using social media to share information that is valuable, to collaborate, or how to build a solid PLN that could be of great value to them down the road. 

I thought to myself that doing something similar to what @LPSorg did would be a great way to teach our students how to share valuable information using social media.  Why not let them share their story via our district's Twitter account? 

I asked one of our seniors, Lucas Grossnicklaus (@LUKEsOfHazzard_) if he would share his day via the district Twitter account.  I covered some basic ground rules with him and away he went....logged into the @AuroraHuskies Twitter account, telling him to include our district hashtag #aurorahuskies and one that we made up #ahssp (AuroraHighSchoolStudentPerspective) so we could track the tweets as we do this throughout the remainder of the year with other students. 

How did he do?  Go through the tweets, check 'em out.  He did a great job!  I look forward to next week and empowering another one of our students!  

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