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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Incredible StartPage

Are you using Google Chrome for your web browser?  If so, you know that there are a variety of free extensions that you can get in the Chrome web store that will fit a variety of your needs in and out of the classroom.  One of my favorite extensions is the "Incredible Start Page."  You can customize your start page to easily find bookmarks, closed tabs or even take notes as you browse.
I like to add a list of what I have going on that particular day to the sticky note provided on my start up page.  I have added several Google Apps that create shortcuts to various tools that I use as well.  Here is what my Incredible StartPage looks like:

Head on over to the Chrome store and add the Incredible StartPage to your Google Chrome today!

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  1. I also agree with your views and ideas. Google Chrome browser provides a lot of app for daily users. I will bookmark your blog for my future update. Thanks....



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