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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kids Love Silent Film Director

Every once in awhile you stumble upon that one app that makes you say, "Wow!" Well, I stumbled upon that app a couple of weeks ago. The app is called "Silent Film Director" and my kids absolutely love it! 

I have had to turn kids away the last two days in the media center because I don't have enough devices with the app. Silent Film Director allows you to create movies with the following themes to choose from:

20's movie
60's movie
70's movie
Black and White
Sepia Vintage Sepia

The first day I had the app I showed a group of fourth grade girls and with minimal instruction, they created this:
The same group of adventurous students then came in the next couple of days (voluntarily during their recess) to work and create this little trailer:

No, they are not going to win an Oscar, but the kids are completely engaged in the process.  We have since talked about the need to storyboard and plan their ideas so that their movies have a flow to them.  I have students working on a Silent Movie now that I can't wait to see! 

What a great tool to teach kids about digital storytelling!

The basic app will cost you .99 cents, and the upgrade another $1.99.  The upgrade is well worth it as you can add title cards, transitions and the ability to move snippets to your timeline as you see fit.  It is so easy to use!

We actually have a faculty Christmas Video in the works for our students at York Elementary using Silent Film Director.   Stay tuned for a tweet that will showcase our completed video on the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Give Silent Film Director a shot.  You will not be disappointed!


  1. Mr. Badura, thanks for stumbling upon this app! I explored it over the break and can't wait to show computer media students in a few days. Too cool for school.~Mrs. Loeffelholz

  2. Awesome Mr. Badura! Thanks for sharing! I will have to check it out! The 2nd video is fabulous! They must have had so much fun making it! Great job! Keep up the great work in YORK, NE my friend!



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